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The 4 steps of a Dental Tourism Service!


If you want to save money on dental treatments, such as the placement of Dental Implants, the following process will be explained step by step. First, analyse everything that you can benefit from with Swiss Dental Trips, then proceed to booking your treatment. Venture into your Total Advanced Oral Rehabilitation!


Step 1 - Getting to Know all about Swiss Dental Trips’ Dental Tourism


Browse our website to learn more about the different dental destinations, clinics, possible savings that we offer. If you prefer to get in touch with us, it is as easy as filling out a contact form, calling or sending us an email requesting information to discuss your dental needs.


Step 2 - Get information for the dental treatment plan


The best way to get more accurate information is to give us an orofacial overview (x-ray). You may send us one that you already have or go to one of our clinical partners to undergo one. In this way, we can evaluate and define a much more precise treatment plan in advance.


Step 3 - Evaluate your clinical case!


Before travelling to your Oral Rehabilitation destination we need to ensure a clinical evaluation of your case by dental experts who specialise in Advanced Oral Rehabilitation. Thus, we guarantee an accurate treatment plan and defined rehabilitation needs.


Step 4 - Travelling and returning home with a new Smile


We can help with flights and accommodation that suit your needs. All you need to worry aboutis having a valid passport! We take care of all the bureaucracies and provide support so that your stay is as comfortable as possible while rehabilitating your Oral Health.


Have you read through the process? Why not get in touch with us and start your dental treatment? Who knows, you might soon be smiling again with Dental Implants!


What are you waiting for? Have your advanced total oral rehabilitation while holidaying in Portugal. Visit us!

By Swiss Dental Trips