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Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation is the solution!


Swiss Dental Services clinics are the only network of clinics specialized in Implantology and Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation in Portugal. With highly qualified professionals, we distinguish ourselves by offering excellence through our treatments.

Recent advances in implantology have perfected the techniques and have allowed us to rehabilitate an increasing number of cases, many of them unthinkable some years ago. The goal is to facilitate the work of the medical dentists and increase patients comfort and satisfaction, through Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation.


Swiss Dental Trips Solution - ATOR: Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation.

Thus, we want our patients to see the ATOR as the possibility to walk a path that leads to a solution: Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation.

This is the answer for those who thought that their oral health problems had no solution. Through the placement of Dental Implants we are able to offer the quality of life that many thought was impossible


Who is it for?

The ATOR allows to rehabilitate the smile of the patients who suffer from severe dental loss and, in many cases, no longer have the totality of the teeth. In addition, it is an ideal treatment for those who suffer from bone loss.


What are the benefits?

Through dental rehabilitation, patients regain masticatory functions, their smile, confidence and self-esteem, but above all, their quality of life.


What are the most common symptoms that can be caused by oral health problems?

. Tilting / misaligning teeth

. Digestive problems (gastritis, esophagitis, etc.)

. Headaches, muscle, joint atrophy

. Low self-esteem (physical appearance)

. Depression (non-existent socialization)

. Anxiety


ATOR validates the excellence team of Swiss Dental Services!

We view ATOR as the way to build for a new smile, accompanying the patients in the different phases of their treatment. We focus, above all, on the patient's "Before and After", showing what we do best in the field of implantology.

The ATOR concept is thus a way to recover the oral health of those who seek us. On the other hand, it shows all the qualification of our professionals, from the medical dentists to the patient managers, since they will be the main support of the patients.


Include Portugal in the ATOR of your dental treatment!

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By Swiss Dental Trips