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Swiss Dental Trips´ Most Effective Treatments


Swiss Dental Services clinics are distinguished by the excellence and diversity of treatments available. If you have teeth problems and feel that you have been postponing your treatment, perhaps it is time to lose the fear of the dentist and advance with the treatment you need.

The most important treatment and for which Swiss Dental Trips is distinguished is Dental Implantology.


Dental implants

In our clinics there are two options for implantology treatments, which are applied depending on the severity of each case.

The first is the Placement of Unit Implants, which consists in the placement of one or two independent implants. This is the ideal solution for when the patient lacks a few teeth. It is a fast procedure, with a high success rate and that gives aesthetic and functional results.

The other implantology service consists of ROTA® (Total Advanced Oral Rehabilitation), which is intended for patients suffering from severe maxillary atrophy and whose dentition almost does not exist. This innovative procedure consists of placing 2 dental implants, upper and lower, that will rehabilitate the entirety of the patient's mouth.

Another area in which Swiss Dental Trips is the leader is Oral Surgery.


Oral Surgery

In our clinics Oral Surgery is not an independent treatment, but rather a complementary treatment to the placement of dental implants.

What if the patient has an infection in a tooth, or in the gums and cannot perform the surgery? In this case, he will first have to undergo an Endodontic treatment.



Although the name is complicated, there is nothing difficult in this treatment. The most common name for Endodontics is "Canal Treatment," a branch that treats various lesions, such as tooth and root nerve diseases. Treating the nerve is necessary to avoid having to remove the tooth and thus prevent potential infections.


Now that you are familiar with the areas of medical dentistry that we work with daily, maybe it is time to visit one of our clinics!

Talk to our team if you have any questions - we are available to help.


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