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17 Tourist Activities to do after Dental Implants


Nowadays, having dental implants is a simpler procedure due to the evolution of dental medicine. Still, early on, after having implants, extra care is required. But for those who visit Portugal to take care of their oral health matters and who also want to get to know the country, it is important to have an idea of ​​what kind of tourist activities are available and appropriate for the recovery phase.



Before planning your activities, let's address what you must do to ensure a quick and complete recovery, as the first 48 hours are crucial for dental implants to be successful.

Some thought must be given to the following points:

• Depending on where you go, finding cold or at most lukewarm foods that do not need to be chewed can be difficult. Therefore, it may be best to pre-prepare some options to eat throughout the day while you are not at home;

• Bring an oral hygiene kit with you so you can brush teeth as required. But, beware: do not brush the intervention area;

• Do not smoke and do not drink alcohol;

• Avoid physical exertion and exposure to the sun.


This last point makes us wonder what tourist activities can be enjoyed by a person who has just had dental implants but who, at the same time, wants to enjoy exploring Portugal.

While you should avoid more hectic activities, there are always things you can do.


Post-surgery tourist activities

Rest is advised immediately after the intervention, but after that you can start enjoying lighter tourist activities that do not require much physical effort, such as:

  1. Monuments – There’s no reason not to visit monuments as long as there are no large staircases and you can rest if the venues are of considerable size. If it’s a very hot day, it is also advisable to avoid outdoor areas where there is a lot of sun;
  2. Guided tours – opt for tours with smaller groups so that the guides can follow your pace more easily. Walking through historic areas is something you can do, taking the opportunity learn more about the essence of Portugal;
  3. Markets - Some have undergone renovations, others are shared spaces with food halls, but markets are enjoying a surge in popularity again. In these markets you will find a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, the intense smells of meat, fish and sausages, as well as loud voices hailing their products as the best in the area. These are simple, genuine spaces and very interesting;
  4. Walking - Portugal is a safe country so you can pack your backpack and camera and walk the streets wherever you are. You will almost certainly find contrasts between traditional and modern; deserted nooks and crannies and friendly faces ready to give you directions;
  5. Gardens - Whether for a picnic or simply a few hours rest, Portugal has many parks where you can relax if the weather is nice. To make the choice easier, we highlight the Gulbenkian Gardens in Lisbon, and Porto’s cosy City Park;
  6. Boating - There are several types of boating options in Portugal. Radical boating sports like rafting are not advised post-surgery, but a gentle trip on a steady boat with shade (to prevent too much sun) is a good option to enjoy the particularities of Portuguese rivers. In Porto you can sail the Douro, whose banks are particularly beautiful;
  7. Train rides - if you are not a fan of boating then you can always enjoy the charms of the Douro River by train. From Régua to Tua, passing through Pinhão, we guarantee that this will be a memorable experience for the landscapes alone;
  8. Bird-watching - For those who enjoy wildlife this is an interesting activity that is active in various parts of the country. In and around Porto you will find a number of observatories. In Lisbon you could pay a visit to the Tagus Estuary, where there are several points of interest for bird-watchers;
  9. Zoos - Again, for animal lovers, Portugal has great Zoos to visit. In Lisbon there is the Lisbon Zoo and near Porto you have the option of visiting the Santo Inácio Zoo which also has excellent conditions as well as a wide variety of animals. If you prefer sea animals, you can also visit the Lisbon Oceanarium;
  10. Dolphin and Whale Watching - And since we are on the subject of marine animals, we strongly recommend you seize the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat. In Portugal there are places where you can go dolphin and whale-watching. As well as the Algarve, and the Madeira and Azores Archipelagos, you can see these animals in the Sado Estuary in Setúbal;
  11. Viewpoints - Portugal has incredible landscapes, whether natural or city views. Have you heard of the Jardim do Morro and Serra do Pilar viewpoints (seen from Vila Nova de Gaia over Porto)? Or the viewpoints of Graça and S. Pedro de Alcântara (in Lisbon)? From these spots Portugal’s beauty is evident. These are vistas that allow us to see just how beautiful these cities really are;
  12. Museums - Cultural activities are always enriching and help us learn more about the places we visit. Museums are spaces organised by themes that take us back in time, to learn more about history, or to deepen knowledge in a speific field;
  13. Exhibitions - Still on the topic of culture, there are always temporary and permanent exhibitions that you can visit in various cultural venues. At tourist offices, you can easily find out about the options available when you visit Portugal;
  14. Art Galleries – Porto’s art galleries are mostly centred on Miguel Bombarda Street. In Lisbon, they are found predominantly in the areas of Rato, Príncipe Real, Bairro Alto and Chiado. Visiting an art gallery is a great way to see Portuguese contemporary art;
  15. Charismatic cafés - We also have many charismatic and history-filled venues where you can enjoy refreshments (don't forget you'll be recovering from your surgery!) as well as characterful décor. In Porto you must visit the Majestic café. In Lisbon, if you have heard of the writer Fernando Pessoa, you can not miss café A Brasileira;
  16. Theatre - If you understand the Portuguese language well, don't miss the opportunity to watch a play at the São João National Theatre (Porto) or D. Maria II National Theatre (Lisbon). It is a wonderful way to support Portuguese culture;
  17. Fado - Fado is a must see! Regardless of whether or not you understand Portuguese, you have to hear it live. Fado has even been classified Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. And seeing is believing! Whether in Lisbon or Porto, you will find various Fado houses where you can usually dine and watch live performances. But if there are no menus that are adequate for your recovery, eat beforehand and then experience the power of Fado!


As you can see, even if you have just had dental implants, there are many things you can do with the proper care to enjoy your trip to Portugal.

The hardest thing will be resisting the glorious Portuguese snacks and typical dishes on offer. But if you stay long enough, you can enjoy these culinary delights later.

However, while in recovery, there are plenty of distractions and activities safe enough for this phase of your dental treatments!

By Swiss Dental Trips