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Get to know Swiss Dental Trips.

Visit our website to learn more about the Swiss Dental Services clinics and the dental solutions we offer. If you would like to get in touch with us, it is as easy as filling out our contact form, calling or sending us an email requesting information to talk with us about your dental needs and tourist services.


Dental Solutions customised to you!

Provide us your medical check-ups. You can send us an orthopantomography (x-ray) if you already made one or go to a local dental clinic to have it done. If you prefer, you can go to one of our clinical partners to take the necessary tests. On top of that, you can, as an extra, choose the tourist services you want to enjoy during your stay.


Analysis of your clinical case!

Before traveling to recover your Smile, we seek to ensure the clinical analysis of your case by dental experts in Complete Advanced Oral Rehabilitation. Thus, we guarantee an adequate plan for your and defined rehabilitation needs.


Make a trip and come home with a new Smile.

We take care of all the bureaucracies and provide all the support so that your stay is as comfortable as possible while rehabilitating your Oral Health.
From the beginning to the end, we strive to set up a plan that tailors your needs by speeding up the whole process. Did you get the whole procedure? Contact us and start your dental treatment.


Are you curious to know more about Swiss Dental Trips?

Contact us and learn how you can enjoy a vacation while taking care of your Oral Health.