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Types of Imaging Services

Imaging is the procedure that captures images of the state of your orofacial structure in order to complete the dental treatments and get a diagnosis of your oral health.

The diagnosis of your oral health begins with the examinations. 


Tomography is used for a set of other procedures in addition to the Implantology area, such as the study of the dimensions of pathologies and the relation of the teeth/lesion to the orofacial structures.



Is an advanced type of X-ray that allows a panoramic view of the upper and lower jaw, as well as all the teeth and joints between the jaw and the skull.


Apical radiographs

This technique allows your doctor to have a detailed view of your oral cavity so that you can perform the treatments with all the assertiveness.


Importance of Dental Imaging

Currently, Dental Imaging is of essential relevance both in terms of diagnosis of different pathologies and in terms of analyse of the kind of treatment.

Dental Diseases identified by Imaging

Dental cavity
Periodontal diseases
Dental loss (for placement of dental implants or dental prostheses)
Dental infections
And many others.

Exam Preparation ?

Our advice to our patients is to come with the motivation to improve their Oral Health, without fears or worries regarding further concrete medical exams.

Safety assurance is one of the great advantages of these types of exams.

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