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What type of Dental Implants exist?

Did you know that the placement of Dental Implants has a success rate higher than 95%?

Dental Implants are structures made of biocompatible Titanium and have as main purpose to replace a tooth or more teeth.
But are there any specific dental implants out of necessity?

Get to know the types of dental implants you can put on.

Immediate Load

The patient benefits from this procedure as it does not require a long period of dental absence or use of a removable prosthesis. In most cases it is possible to place temporarily fixed prostheses immediately after surgery or a few days after the installation of the Dental Implant. However, it is only possible when the dentist finds that there is stability in the fixation of the Titanium Implant in the bone.



Zygomatic Implants

The placement of Zygomatic Implants is an advanced technique and an alternative in the treatment of patients with severe bone atrophy (jaws without sufficient height and/or width to perform Dental Implants due to bone loss).
Certainly, this is a suitable technique for all those cases which are thought to have no solution. Complete Tooth Loss is real and a problem that affects thousands of people in the world.The solutions exist, Dental Implants can be a solution.



 Place Dental Implants or Dental Prostheses?

For those who have lost one or more teeth but still have some in their mouth, Fixed Prostheses are usually recommended. Removable prostheses or dentures can replace a complete dental arch and do not require healthy teeth.
The Dental Implants replace a tooth or even a complete dental arch that integrate with the gum and also restore the dental functions.



Advantages of placing Dental Implant

In addition to helping you recover your smile, helps you recover your entire oral function.

Even for more complex cases - in the absence of almost all dentition - there are methods of placing dental implants.

Function and Stability

The level of stability of dental implants is much higher than the one of dental prosthetics, which allows a more correct mastication, as well as a natural appearance that is not distinguishable from normal teeth.

Smile with Confidence

Regarding the personal life, the great difference promoted by the placement of Dental Implants relates to the self-esteem, state of mind and daily routine. To return to smile without fear or shame is priceless.

Everything you need to know about Dental Implants

Dental implants are a growing area in oral health but still cause fear or doubt at the time of placement.
Lack of knowledge can sometimes be the main reason.
Find here relevant information for you, or for yours, that may come across this problem.

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