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What types of diseases are associated with Periodontology?

Periodontology is a dental specialty responsible for the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect the gums and consequently the dental bone.

These diseases result from chronic bacterial infections.

I have a gingivitis. What should I do?

This type of disease should be strictly observed, since it is a chronic bacterial infection and if left untreated can lead to periodontitis (infection in the dental bone).


 I have a Periodontitis. What should I do?

Periodontitis results from untreated gingivitis that ultimately affects the fibres and dental bones and can cause tooth loss.

The best treatment for periodontitis is prevention, but once you are affected, visit your dentist regularly, avoid alcohol, tobacco and food that may cause irritation to your gums.


What are the symptoms of Gingivitis or Periodontitis?

Swelling of the gums

Bad breath

Very red, reddish or even purplish gums

Change of teeth position.


The result of a Gingivitis or Periodontitis can be this

Bleeding gums
Changes in the position of the teeth
Gingival Retractions
Tooth Loss


Periodontology - Step by Step

Infections in the structures of the Oral Health are one of the dental problems that you will not want to have constantly. That is why its resolution is of the utmost importance.

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