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What types of dental prosthesis are there?

Prosthodontics is one of the areas of dentistry that allows answering the problem of tooth loss through dental prostheses.

The placement of dental prostheses is more common.Through each case and patient choice, you can opt for the common types of Dental Prosthesis.

Fixed Prostheses

Total fixed prostheses or also called Implant Protheses replace all of the teeth through surgical placement.


 Long-term solution in order to restore the patient's basic oral functions.

Removable Dental Prosthesis

In of case of partial loss of one or more teeth , single or partial dentures on implants may be used.


Replace every missing tooth effectively.

Dental Prostheses on the Tooth (Bridges)

This type of prosthesis exists to create a bridge between the space left by the missing teeth and the adjacent teeth.


Provide the patient with greater comfort and solve the problem of a dental failure.

Advantages of placing Dental Prostheses

The infections in the structures of the Oral Health are of the dental problems that you will not want to have constantly.

Removable Dental Prosthesis

The fact that it is removable, makes cleaning easier. It is essential for a good application and dental functionalities.

Fixed Dental Prosthesis

As it is fixed, it gives more confidence to those who use it, compared to the removable prosthesis. This is the main advantage with regard to Removable Dental Prosthesis. Safety and trust are the factors that is most important to the client.

How to take care of your Dental Prostheses?

Dental prostheses require the same treatment as natural teeth. We leave some tips to carry out your Oral Hygiene.

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